Friday, December 21, 2007


Dec 21 - 12:02 GMT

What are the Nameservers so I can point the other domains to it. Your search is finding nothing in FAQ
Dec 21 - 12:04 GMT
Servage - Adam
Hello Andreas,

Thank you for submitting a ticket.

Our Name Servers are listed below.

After you change your domain name servers it will take 24-72 hours to propagate as per new nameservers.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Adam, Support -support
Servage Hosting


Servage is a Hoster which has connections and dependencies in many countries beside US also in Germany (Flensburg). Servage has been brought to our attention by a customer who is hosting there. Everything sounds really great. They even provide Ruby on Rails Support - that's what they advertise.

But as usual a Hoster qualifies only as a valuable partner in Hosting when its support is also qualified. Instead of making a decision right now we post here the correspondence with the Servage Hosting and you can decide by yourself, if this is the place you wanna go with your site.

Also Servage has got the chance to improve its service during our evaluation time.

What are we gonna to do:

As a servage customer we are going to install the following applications:

REDMINE - Projectmanagement - written in Ruby on Rails
MAGENTO - The best shop system
TYPO3 - The best open Source Content Management
LIFETYPE - The best Multiblogger Platform
VTIGER - The best CRM on the Market

and more will follow.

All Applications should run in fully utf8 Mode so they also will fit the needs of south east asian languages.

Applications like TYPO3, Lifetype, Magento should also run in a Multidomain, Multi-Subdomain Setting with user friendly URLs

PHP 5.2.3

Let's see how far we are coming:

Blogtime is opened

Hi Everybody

Today we started our first blog on blogspot.
It will be about nearly everything and has no special theme. Mainly it will contain communications and other stuff with institutions, hosters, and experiences with them.