Saturday, February 9, 2008


Since several Years Voda Hosting is sending out lots of mails into the world wide web to promote their free websitebuilder. In Fact it is free and on the first view looks as the one and all tool touild your websites. But unfortunately on the second view you figure out, that BlueVoda is only working on Voda Hosting and on a third view - latest when you going to move your site to another hoster you will realize that all your work done with BlueVoda is not yours. The rights on all Graphical Materials are hold by VodaHost and they won't allow you to publish your site on any other servers.

Here some Correspondance with Voda Hosting concerning Blue Voda
If you are a Servage Hosting Client be informed that Voda Host is not continuing their licencing program as they write in their mails. In other words you will face probably big legal or/and technical (no more updates) problems soon, using the Servage Website Builder.

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BlueVoda will only publish to a VodaHost account. If
you visit the page where you downloaded BlueVoda...

Or any other site where BlueVoda is offered for download.

You will see that it clearly says..."A VodaHost account
is required for you to publish".

Please visit the below link to learn more about what we
have to offer.

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What about all those Graphics and Buttons, Headers and even Site Layouts. Can they be used on any account even it is no VodaHost Account i.e. or Can those graphical material be used in any other context? What Licence applies to all those pictures/graphics you offer with BlueVoda - GNU, GPL, GPDL, CC, or any other - royalty free? What about people shown in these templates, have they agreed to be used on multiple websites in any context or even modified?
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we have nothing to do with servage...they are a licensed
distributer of our software...but they are not part of our
company. They have an older version of our website builder.
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So we can use all BlueVoda Stuff also on Servage or are the Versions incompatible. i.e. if we download the Version from BlueVoda and use them on Servage. Is it also OK to use all Graphical Material you provide at BlueVoda like Headers, Tmplates, Pictures, Buttons,... on Servage or any other hosting acount or will this be not covered by your license.

The Licensing is actually a very importantPart for us as we don't want to cause problems for our customers while we are using bluevoda's graphical Material on their websites.

I hope you can also answer this very important question.
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no...they are not cross compatible....BlueVoda can only be used on VodaHost....servage website builder can only be used on servage.
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So we need probably to ask Servage to upgrade ;-) to be uptodate.

Nevertheless is the question with all those headers, pictures and other grafical stuff. This would also work on Servage as we tried (it is actually only a picture ;-)) Is it OK to use this on our customers websites or not. What Licence applies to all this graphical stuff? Is this royalty free and public domain? We don't want to get into trouble using even pictures from i.e. BlueVoda or the Servage Package.
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servage can not be upgraded...we stopped the licencing program...why
not just go straight to the source and create a VodaHost account???
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all graphics downloaded form Vodahost are digitally watermarked and coded and are only to be used on vodahost servers...if you use them on any other server we will know within 30 days and we will take action to protect our interests...
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This is to bad, as because of your answer we need to tell our customers, which are still at vodahost and have build their sites using bluevoda, that they actually don't own their own sites. On the other hand it is also a good advertisement for our services, as they now need really somebody who will be able to make a nearly similar looking website like the one they have made with bluevoda.

Your answer helps us a lot to verify this problem to our customers. Thanks a lot for this clear statement. By the way it would be fair to inform all customers and future customers about this problem as I guess many would simply skip bluevoda and start directly with a qualified agency like ours, to build real professional websites.
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BlueVoda Free Website Builder looks and is of course free but will you cost a lot of money if you are moving to another server. So better think first and look twice before you start downloading this free websitebuilder package and all its nice graphical stuff. You will never own a pice on your works - never, beside the text you are putting in ;-)

A good professional Wedesigner might cost you more to start but will be producing websites where you have all rights in your hands and can host and move your site to any server you wish to.