Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As Your support ASKED us to pose tickets - so we do here!


8. April


(15:30:08) 242559147 We'll do that... Please wait
(15:33:22) icq-number we are now also getting on all our accounts errors like this
Fatal error: Cannot run code from this file in conjunction with non encoded files in
(15:33:27) icq-number we never had this before
(15:40:42) 242559147 We are working on the issue.Please give us sometime
(15:53:30) 242559147 We have made some necessary changes. Please check from your end now.
(15:54:14) icq-number ok looks much better again
(15:54:28) icq-number Please leave it so as you have already changed it many times before
(16:07:23) icq-number Hi again:
(16:07:35) icq-number Now we can't even connect to our websites at all
(16:07:36) icq-number The webpage at http://domain.tld/typo3/index.php might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
(16:07:43) icq-number all others the same
(16:07:52) icq-number but we can still work in cpanel
(16:25:34) 242559147 Ok
(16:25:41) 242559147 We are working on it
(16:26:44) 242559147 The link http://domain.tld/typo3/index.php is working fine at our end
(16:28:03) icq-number ok now I can login agin in the backend at domain1
(16:28:09) icq-number I try the others
(16:29:23) icq-number at domain.tld/typo3 I get still the same loggin error or session timed-outlike before also at domain1
(16:29:29) icq-number same demo.domain.tld
(16:29:43) icq-number They are actually working all from one TYPO3 source and should work
(16:29:57) icq-number and worked before
(16:31:37) 242559147 Please give us some time
(16:31:44) icq-number ok
(16:38:27) icq-number Now we have the same problem again also at domain.tld
We can login to thebackend but get logged out immediately - this seems to be a session cookie problem I guess It happens in all browsers
(16:58:28) 242559147 Please post a ticket regarding your issue.Our senior tech's are working on it.
(17:03:46) icq-number ok will do so as it is quite annoying
(17:03:52) icq-number thanks
(19:01:04) icq-number we still have the session / cookie problem when we try to login to the backend on:


This wasn't like this before
(19:01:15) icq-number we have the problem in all browsers
(19:01:26) icq-number on other servers it is working