Saturday, December 22, 2007


Dec 22 - 01:11 GMT

Please change some very anoying thing in your settings.
If you upload a tar.gz. file all files uploaded and unpacked get user SYSADMIN. All SYMLINKS created (from the unpacked) have right (u------) When you now want to create a new symlink you need first to DELETE the existing symlink.

Exactly there is the BIG problem as this is NOT POSSIBLE. Workaround is only to RENAME the old symlink but doing this oft you will have a whole bunch of old NOT ACCESSIBLE Symlinks.

I NEED TO BE ABLE TO DELETE ALL KIND OF FILES / FOLDERS and SYMLINKS created on MY ACCOUNT!!! Please change your settings so that this will be possible.

In folder /xsite/ you'll find the old symlink "111typo3_sys" I had to rename typo3_sys to 111typo3_sys as it isn't possible to delete a symlink which is "SYSADMIN" and (u------)

Can you please DELETE the 111typo3_sys symlink. Thanks!

Dec 22 - 04:16 GMT
Servage - Sam
Forwarding support ticket to [Servage - Jan]

Thank you for submitting a ticket. I have forwarded your question to our admin and he will look into your request.

Thank you in advance for your patience,

Kind regards,
Sam, Support Team
Servage Hosting
DEC. 26 - 05:30 GMT+7

Until now nothing has been changed and the errored symlink which we renamed to 111typo3_src is still available