Thursday, March 27, 2008

SERVAGE Site very very very slow and often not resolving

Mar 27 - 16:45 GMT

Especially our ruby on rails redmine site has huge problems as pages often display only if you reaload the same url several times. very often we have simply blank pages or even error messages that the ruby on rails application isn't properly running. reloading mostly solves the problem after 2 - 5 clicks.

Mar 27 - 17:06 GMT
Support - Shelly

Hello Andreas
please provide us the exact URL where you are getting problem. We will happy to fix it for you.
Thank you.

Kind regards,
Shelly, Servage - Support
Servage Hosting

Mar 28 - 00:34 GMT

Hi folks it seems you are NOT READING the threads carefully as the 8th WORD in the thread already names the DOMAIN.
"1. Especially
2. our
3. ruby
4. on
5. rails
6. redmine
7. site
8. <<<> have a look also to our blog it will be updated soon with this thread as another example of support how it should NOT be!
the one we tested and had those huge problems but there are about 30 other domains with exactly the same problem - performance.

A move to another server does not make sense as abs-gallery has been moved as you know and is now slower then before. Also angry-men has been moved and fails totaly in performance since.
We could name meanwhile lots of other customer domains with exactly the same problems.

The problem is you policy. Instead of solving problems you are not reading threads (you only read headers!) Perhaps we should give one tip to servage customers. Write into the header the following line: "PLEASE START READING THE COMPLETE THREAD!" This way you will be forced to open and read every thread instead of ONLY the headers.

Mar 28 - 07:48 GMT

No response since many many hours. Is the servage support again NOT working? Please solve this problem!

Mar 28 - 10:29 GMT
Servage - Scott

Hello Andreas

Kindly check it now. It should be working fine now.

Thank you! :)

Kind regards,
Scott, Support
Servage Hosting

Apr 07 - 08:00 GMT

This ticket has been closed as it has been inactive for 10 days. We assume that the issue is resolved and that you were satisfied with our support. Kindly open a new ticket if you have further questions.