Thursday, May 1, 2008


May 01 - 13:54 GMT

The whole day over we tried to do a backup from our databases but non is working. It is incredble that even with tools like php we are not able to get a backup. IT IS VERY URGENT. - ANY DATABASE - so please don't ask which database
ANY DOMAIN so please don't ask which domain
ANY ACCOUNT - so please don't ask which account
simply get your MYSQL propper working!

May 01 - 13:56 GMT
Support - John

Hello Andreas

Currently the backup feature in control panel fro DB is having some issues. Please use the following way to backing up DB. The backup feature will be resolved within few hours.

How to make MySQL dump/backup:
Please select the "MySQL Databases" tab in the left menu and click on the yellow link - a new window will open. To make a .sql dump, please select the "Export" tab in the top menu and select which tables or all dateabse to be exported/dumped to your account.


Kind regards,
John, Servage - Support
Servage Hosting

May 01 - 14:39 GMT

Hi John
even this is not working and even if we use an external phpmyadmin or mysqldumper.

It is not possible at all to get backups

Ticket had to be closed as some more MAJOR and even WORSE Problems occured at Servage Hosting