Saturday, February 9, 2008


Since several Years Voda Hosting is sending out lots of mails into the world wide web to promote their free websitebuilder. In Fact it is free and on the first view looks as the one and all tool touild your websites. But unfortunately on the second view you figure out, that BlueVoda is only working on Voda Hosting and on a third view - latest when you going to move your site to another hoster you will realize that all your work done with BlueVoda is not yours. The rights on all Graphical Materials are hold by VodaHost and they won't allow you to publish your site on any other servers.

Here some Correspondance with Voda Hosting concerning Blue Voda
If you are a Servage Hosting Client be informed that Voda Host is not continuing their licencing program as they write in their mails. In other words you will face probably big legal or/and technical (no more updates) problems soon, using the Servage Website Builder.

------------read more about:
BlueVoda will only publish to a VodaHost account. If
you visit the page where you downloaded BlueVoda...

Or any other site where BlueVoda is offered for download.

You will see that it clearly says..."A VodaHost account
is required for you to publish".

Please visit the below link to learn more about what we
have to offer.

----------------------- read more about
What about all those Graphics and Buttons, Headers and even Site Layouts. Can they be used on any account even it is no VodaHost Account i.e. or Can those graphical material be used in any other context? What Licence applies to all those pictures/graphics you offer with BlueVoda - GNU, GPL, GPDL, CC, or any other - royalty free? What about people shown in these templates, have they agreed to be used on multiple websites in any context or even modified?
-------------------------------- read more about
we have nothing to do with servage...they are a licensed
distributer of our software...but they are not part of our
company. They have an older version of our website builder.
---------------------- read more about
So we can use all BlueVoda Stuff also on Servage or are the Versions incompatible. i.e. if we download the Version from BlueVoda and use them on Servage. Is it also OK to use all Graphical Material you provide at BlueVoda like Headers, Tmplates, Pictures, Buttons,... on Servage or any other hosting acount or will this be not covered by your license.

The Licensing is actually a very importantPart for us as we don't want to cause problems for our customers while we are using bluevoda's graphical Material on their websites.

I hope you can also answer this very important question.
------------------------------- read more about
no...they are not cross compatible....BlueVoda can only be used on VodaHost....servage website builder can only be used on servage.
--------------------- read more about
So we need probably to ask Servage to upgrade ;-) to be uptodate.

Nevertheless is the question with all those headers, pictures and other grafical stuff. This would also work on Servage as we tried (it is actually only a picture ;-)) Is it OK to use this on our customers websites or not. What Licence applies to all this graphical stuff? Is this royalty free and public domain? We don't want to get into trouble using even pictures from i.e. BlueVoda or the Servage Package.
--------------------------- read more about
servage can not be upgraded...we stopped the licencing program...why
not just go straight to the source and create a VodaHost account???
---------------------------- read more about
all graphics downloaded form Vodahost are digitally watermarked and coded and are only to be used on vodahost servers...if you use them on any other server we will know within 30 days and we will take action to protect our interests...
---------------------------- read more about
This is to bad, as because of your answer we need to tell our customers, which are still at vodahost and have build their sites using bluevoda, that they actually don't own their own sites. On the other hand it is also a good advertisement for our services, as they now need really somebody who will be able to make a nearly similar looking website like the one they have made with bluevoda.

Your answer helps us a lot to verify this problem to our customers. Thanks a lot for this clear statement. By the way it would be fair to inform all customers and future customers about this problem as I guess many would simply skip bluevoda and start directly with a qualified agency like ours, to build real professional websites.
------------------- END

BlueVoda Free Website Builder looks and is of course free but will you cost a lot of money if you are moving to another server. So better think first and look twice before you start downloading this free websitebuilder package and all its nice graphical stuff. You will never own a pice on your works - never, beside the text you are putting in ;-)

A good professional Wedesigner might cost you more to start but will be producing websites where you have all rights in your hands and can host and move your site to any server you wish to.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

No Login for Servage Hosting Customer 2

As Julie did not read the message text itself (we believe this caused her answer) we contacted Peter with our second servage ticket Here the Parts:

We asked Peter who actually was just replying to another question not related to the login Problem of our friend but we thought he understands English and is reading more then just headers ;-) .....

Feb 07 - 13:27 GMT
Servage - Peter

Hello Andreas,

Thank you for the reply.

We will let you know regarding the issue. And update you accordingly.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,
Peter, Servage - Support
Servage Hosting

Ase was replying this in the other case we just wrote him back the following - according tho the login problem:

Feb 07 - 13:34 GMT

Hi Peter
Thanks a lot - could you please help JULIE - her English seems not to be the best. She is struggeling a lot with our other post. Thanks!

Feb 07 - 14:08 GMT
Servage - Peter

Hello Andreas,

This is to inform you that as soon as we get any update from our admins we will definitely let you know.

Thanks for your understanding.

Have a nice day.

Kind regards,
Peter, Servage - Support
Servage Hosting

Feb 07 - 14:21 GMT

Hi Peter

Please Please HELP JULIE!!! Our friend can't login to his account and it seems that she only read the header and not the message itself - unfortunately it seems that you have done the same and probably even don't know JULIE or are sitting on different continents or you are perhaps the same person - JULIE = PETER = STEFFAN = ADMIN = TECHNICIAN = SUPPORT? Anway please help Julie solving the problem of our friend. He can't post himself as he CAN'T LOGIN. She has already all Data and we also started to contact YOU if you are Steffan Fallesen = Peter.


No Login for Servag Customer

Feb 07 - 12:20 GMT

Ich habe allerdings ein Problem mit Servage und bräuchte hierbei deine Unterstützung. Ich kann mich nicht mehr ins Control Panel einloggen. Das gleiche Problem wie neulich! Könntes du denen ein Ticket schreiben, ich selbst komme ja nicht mehr rein :-(
Hier die Daten:
Username: t*******
Passwort: b*******

This is a CUSTOMER of yours and he can't login anymore. WE had the same issue just about several days ago. Could you please contact him immediately t******

Thanks a LOT

HINT: Please place a Support Form on Your website so that people who can't login anymore can get in contact with you asap. Thanks


Problem URL:

Feb 07 - 13:07 GMT
Servage - Julie

Hello Andreas,

If you are not able to login at with control panel username and password then kindly let us know how you managed to submit the ticket.

The detailed information will be very helpful for further investigation.

Thank you :)

Kind regards,
Julie, Support Team Member
Servage Hosting

Feb 07 - 13:31 GMT

Hi Julie

There are SEVERAL possible answers for that: (don't take it to seriously :-)

1. I am a big hacker and have hacked into a clustered system - wow really good, never thought that I am so good and I am actually not

2. I am someone like David Copperfield - you propably know the magician. He can walk through the Chinese Wall so why shouldn't I be able to simply walk into an blocked account and send support messages even I can't login - Not Television but Telepathy perhaps?

3. Your German isn't so good even Servage is advertising German Support on their websites and because of this you didn't understand : Könntes du denen ein Ticket schreiben, ich selbst komme ja nicht mehr rein :-(
Hier die Daten:
Username: t******
Passwort: b******

Which means: Could YOU (which means I Andi) post a Ticket, as I (my friend t*****) can't login myself anymore :-(
He included his login Data.

4. You realized The Userlogin Data and were able to read and translate "Username" into your language, but unfortunately then you never heard about "Passwort" as it was a German word and in English it is "Password" written with "D" at the end.

5. You can't even understand English:
"This is a CUSTOMER of yours and he can't login anymore. WE had the same issue just about several days ago. Could you please contact him immediately t*****"

As in this part it is exactly described that it is a friend of mine who has the problem ;-) including his email which YOU should contact.

6. You haven't even written the Text in the Post but only the header.


to 1. Push the red button. Improve your system-security block all hidden and already closed ports - best shut up the server and cluster completely

to 2. Ask your customer to receive a free entrance ticket for his next show. Best bring Steffan Fallesen with you as your Partner!

to 3. Don't advertise things you don't have as people might believe in it and get a wrong impression after testing your support. So better learn German immediately

to 4. Write a Bug Report to the people who programmed your translation program and try to get back your money if even they don't know that Passwort means Password or simply use GOOGLE Translation Toolbar.

to 5. Here in Phuket we provide an excellent Charter and Homeschooling System IMCT (International Montessori Charter and Training School) We follow the Montessori Methode : Help me to do it by myself! Wewould be happy to enrole you in our firstgraders class

to 6. Better change your job or come to us at Phuket to receive a first class training as support assistant in a global opperating callcenter as interim. Here you also will learn how to open a message to read the text which follows the header until the end.

Don't take it to seriously, we test since several months servage support but your answer was so good that we all fell from our Chairs laughing around.

Unfortunately our friend in Germany is still waiting to get access to his website. So please help him - or find somebody at ServageHosting who will read this text till the end.

---- more about it: -------

Remember Our friend still can't login


Feb 07 - 14:49 GMT

Hi Julie

YOUR CUSTOMER - our friend is still waiting for a solution as he still can't log into his account at Servage Hosting and you haven't answered him at all until now - 3 hours? no answer

Please contact immediately and send him working login data


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Final Result TYPO3 4.2.0Beta1 seems to be still lower then alpha

Finally we had to give up to get a working TYPO3 4.2.0Beta1 TemplaVoila Site running. Still to many Problems occure and it seems that a lot of extensions won't work anymore in 4.2.0

Another possibility would be that TYPO3 is still not ready for PHP 5.2 and up! I am really sorry about this result.

Bug Reports:

Continue to test TYPO3 4.2.0Beta1 without TVP Extensions

Nevermind the next error appears. This time it is templavoila. After assigning the DS/TO and trying to edit the page:

Catchable fatal error: Argument 2 passed to t3lib_div::implodeArrayForUrl() must be an array, null given, called in D:\xampp\htdocs\t3\r2\typo3conf\ext\templavoila\mod1\db_new_content_el.php on line 282 and defined in D:\xampp\htdocs\t3\r2\t3lib\class.t3lib_div.php on line 1543

Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to t3lib_div::array_merge_recursive_overrule() must be an array, string given, called in D:\xampp\htdocs\t3\r
he same is happening with other extensions from TER like TVP i.e.

perhaps even more extensions

We installed the tvp extensions and all went fine. We created a page and a TS Template for TemplaVoila imported a TVTemplate and wanted to edit now the first page.

TYPO3 4.2.0Beta1 currently without DAM

As Dam was causing a major failure we continue installing our extension like followed
We download from TER abctv
It gives us an exact list of the extensions we need to get a nice working TemplaVoila Backend.
Step by step (we skip the DAM entry) we are getting further until the templa_voila_importer.

Here we stop and want to test now the TemplaVoila Functionality
The Backend looks nice - especially the left column looks much better now.

We click on the NEW button on top of the middle column. It is asking as where to insert the page and gives us 1 possibilty. Fine - OK.

It says now

New record

Select a template for your new page:

and gives us a default template 0

Clicking on this 0 will show the formular to fill in the page data. Save and our first page is ready

Next step is our template:
As usual we need to create a root template. We copy and paste in our default TemplaVoila settings and safe. To import our templates we used the templavoila_importer.

Stuck again: Editing the page is not possible
This time we receive a very similar message like before but this time caused by TVP. Aset of extensions for TemplaVoila made by Aoabara (I hope his new TemplaVoila gets ready soon :-)

Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to t3lib_div::array_merge_recursive_overrule() must be an array, null given, called in D:\xampp\htdocs\t3\r2\

Getting stuck with TYPO3 4.2Beta1 caused by an fatal error after installing dam. To solve the problem remove dam from your extensionlist in localconf.php and wait until Jean has posted his Patch for 4.2 in TER.

TYPO3 4.2.0Beta1 erschienen

Nachdem das Alpha Release drei eher zum abgewoehen war wollen wir nun mal sehen was mit Beta los ist.

Es faellt zuerst einmal auf, dass man nunmehr wieder das alte Installtool benutzt :-) das freut uns, denn bei dem Alha drei Release kamen wir nicht ueber die erste Seite hinaus - Seite des Installtools.

Nun - wie gewoehnlich flott geht nun die Installation von statten. Wir haben eine leere Datenbank erstellt und laden nun auch erst einmal die default Tables hinein.

Danach kopieren wir unsere standard localconf.php, mit den bei uns ueblichen Settings per Editor in die Bestehede localconf.php und laden das Installtool nochmals. Alles funktioniert, selbst der Test des ImageMagick laeuft problemlos gut und schnell.

Als erstes activieren wir noch einige System Extensions die wir gernbenutzen und testen wollen, wie z.B. den neuen T3Editor

Danach folgt
static_info_tables und dam

und dann geht erst einmal garnichts mehr.

Das komplette Systewird wegen diesem Bug blokiert und erst nachdem man ",dam'" wieder aus der $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['EXT']['extList'] = geloescht hat geht es weiter.

OH I am sorry - just realized I am writing in German - Mea Maxima Culpa - I will continue in English ;-)

We installed TYPO3 4.2 Beta1. everything went fine as the old Installtool has replaced the new buggy one from alpha. We installed static_info_tables and dam and get stuck with a major failure.
After deleting the entry ",dam" from $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['EXT']['extList'] =
and clearing all cache it worked again.

We are hoping Jean Gadinas Patch for 4.2 will solve this problem soon.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Are pdftotext, catdoc, xls2csv, pdfinfo, html2pdf available at Servage Hosting

Feb 04 - 04:49 GMT

Hi we need some informations if the following programs are installed on your server (if yes where/path) or if we can install them (if yes where/how). We are trying to build packages optimised for servage hosting based on TYPO3 for our customers. Thanks! Andi

pdftotext, catdoc, xls2csv, pdfinfo, htmltopdf

Feb 04 - 05:01 GMT

Update: we also need to know if the following php functions are available at Servage Hosting:
PHP function "exif_read_data"
PHP function "iptcparse"

Feb 04 - 05:15 GMT
Servage - Adam

Hello Andreas,

We are sorry to inform you that all the requirements that are required by you are not installed or supported by our server's.

You can check all the server informations via the following link:

Kind regards,
Adam, Support -support
Servage Hosting

Feb 04 - 05:32 GMT

This is actually very bad as we are just developing sites for lots valuable customers like .... and its Dependencies and ..... with about 30 Domains just running on Servage (we had it on an own server but I suggested to move it back to servage - probably a very bad decission). This means for us finally that we need to move ALL this stuff and ALL other customer-sites to another hoster which provides those needed parts as they are essential for the digital assessment management Center all those big Companies and NGO organisations will use in future. They can't index thousands of pictures, videos and documents manually so they need these extensions and additional programs/php-parts.

As absolutly no security reasons come from the mentioned programs you probably talk better to your boss Steffan before we decide moving all our stuff and customers - it would be a big loss for servage and for future TYPO3 clients. ;-)

Although we like NOW the features provided by servage hosting all of them would be unusable if our customers could not use DAM meta automatic insertions as they need to handle thousands of records and customers.

I will also discuss this terrible situation with our other developers and what they suggest to do. Moving to another hoster, Building up an own clustered Server Network (This was already in planing before I suggested to first try your service by the way ;-) We need an answer in very short time (2 days) as we have deadlines to fulfill!

I hope you can find a solution soon.


Feb 04 - 05:56 GMT
Servage - Adam

Hello Andreas,

We will escalate your issue and suggetion of install your requirements to our admins and they will take necessary actions regarding it and will infom you.

Thanks for your understanding regarding the issue.

Kind regards,
Adam, Support -support
Servage Hosting