Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Unzip not working

Jan 15 - 05:16 GMT

I tried to unzip this file
in Current path: /1_redmine/vendor/plugins
but it is not possible
Please Check and make it possible

Jan 15 - 05:19 GMT

Hello Andreas,

Thank you for submitting the ticket.

I have unzipped the file redmine_timesheet_plugin.zip can you please check and update us.

Kind regards,
Josh, Support
Servage Hosting

Jan 15 - 05:23 GMT

Not showing up - check the owner

Jan 15 - 06:03 GMT

It is still not showing up the files you have unziped and I still can't unzip redmine_timesheet_plugin.zip either.
We are waiting again since long time for this simple task!
Please when you do a job, then please do it perfectly so that the customer can access his files ;-)

Jan 15 - 06:31 GMT

No Help since over 1 hour and still no chance to unzip our files on the server. This is absolutly NO Service at Servage Hosting
The thread gets closed as we need it for other stuff.
The problem is still OPEN which means you should solve the problem, that it is not possible to unpack your zip files on Servage Hosting immediately even this thread had to be closed!
You can read more about Servage and it Support Crew in our Blog.