Friday, June 11, 2010


(03:11:08) andi: the site is stioll down and we still cant access cpanel
(03:11:10) : Please wait for a site operator to respond.
(03:11:10) : Please wait for a site operator to respond.
(03:11:28) andi: it is really not a help at all that you close te chat
(03:12:08) andi: ok at least now phpmyadmin seelns to be working again
(03:12:40) andi: we can oprn the database but it shows the table as "in use"
(03:12:45) andi: in collation
(03:12:53) andi: as the collation settings are complete wronk
(03:12:58) andi: I said it before already
(03:13:33) andi: before you import or restore databases you need to check your server settings as uor Databases are all 100% utf8 with NO latin settings at all
(03:13:46) andi: all tables have to be utf8_general_ci
(03:13:55) andi: but now we see lots of latin tables
(03:14:01) andi: which we had never before
(03:14:51) andi: it seems that all tables with content won't get displayed
(03:15:03) Customer Service: I saw that through the phpMyadmin and that might be because of the corrupted database and that is why I am suggesting you to restore the database db00 and see how it goes. I have already confirmed all the permission issue with your database and you should not be any issue after restoring your database
(03:15:07) andi: They look like empty
(03:15:35) andi: well the backup is the same you are using and
(03:15:53) andi: we are using the backup fiunctionality of your cpanel
(03:15:56) andi: check it
(03:17:31) Customer Service: I can't locate cPanel backup file. Can you please upload the .sql backup of the database
(03:17:37) andi: also the table db090409 is broken showing same errors
(03:17:39) Customer Service: db00 or let me know the location
(03:17:49) andi: it is on the server I said this before
(03:18:02) andi: You know where your backup stuff is storing the databases
(03:18:44) Customer Service: The cpanel backup should be under your home directory which is not there and we have already tried our own backup
(03:19:53) andi: haha
(03:19:58) andi: funy I hope it is a joke
(03:20:24) andi: how should I restore a backup from a folder on your server when it is not there
(03:20:27) andi: the folder
(03:20:44) andi: so simply get into your Raid and backup system and search for this folder
(03:20:47) Customer Service: I was asking you from your own backup which you might have stored at your system for your reference
(03:21:21) andi: I stored it on our system in teh folder your cpanel is providing to customers
(03:21:27) andi: so this folder is gone
(03:21:31) andi: so there is no backup
(03:21:39) andi: is it that what you are trying to say
(03:21:51) andi: This is not funny at all
(03:22:23) andi: It does not matter even which database we see as ALL databases ahow the same symproms
(03:22:43) andi: in other wiords ALL databases show those inuse and latin1_swedish settings
(03:22:52) andi: This is the main errors you are having
(03:23:08) andi: You have changed your Server settings to latin1_swedish_ci
(03:23:29) andi: we are here in Thailand and not in Sweden!!! I hope you have got this
(03:23:46) andi: we don't need this latin1 stuff therefore we NEVER use it
(03:24:03) andi: so why are now all our tables in latin1_swedish??
(03:24:20) andi: check ALL databases in our account, they are all the same issues
(03:24:24) andi: all of them
(03:24:38) andi: so stop talking about backups and change the server settings
(03:24:44) andi: they need to be as followed
(03:25:12) andi: MySQL charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)
(03:25:31) andi: MySQL connection collation: utf8_general_ci
(03:25:44) andi: All Tables and fields utf8_general_ci
(03:26:03) andi: NO latin1_swedish_ci has been existing in our database before
(03:27:15) andi: it seems to be a permission issue
(03:27:32) andi: please have a look your self in our phpmyadmin and you know what i am talkin g about
(03:27:39) andi: this is the problem you need to solve
(03:28:15) andi: get into your server settings and change the my.ini or my.cnf settings so that there will NO latin_swedish_ci appear at all
(03:28:29) andi: We need our site back FAST!!!!
(03:28:36) andi: we already waited many hours
(03:31:36) andi: Have you checked
(03:32:10) andi: It is not a problem with the backups but a proble with yuor server settings and permissions
(03:32:46) Customer Service: Checking
(03:40:16) andi: When you get rid of this "in use" in all of our tables and get additional also the original utf8 settings in there - NO latin at all
(03:40:22) andi: Than the sites are woking again
(03:44:14) andi: any results so far

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